Arcsilver1.JPGReal Name: Nick Streep
Affiliation: The Mavericks
Status: Deceased

History: Nick Streep demonstrated some paranormal ability when he was young, but would probably never have manifested in any kind of intensity except that the government was starting a new training program. In this program, young paras were trained in the use of their powers and given equipment to augment their abilities (under the assumption that they would sign on as operatives when they came of age). Nick completed this program, but when he turned eighteen he left the government's service. Harvey Wells, his liaison with the FBI, arranged for Nick to keep his special suit that allowed him to focus his electromagnic fields into a force field in return for freelance work with his unit.

Nick had the ability to control, at range in some instances, electricity. His most prominent power, however, was his ability to channel the electricity under his control into flight at extremely fast speeds. In the time that he was with the Mavericks, there was no other para that he met who could match his speed in the open (although Speedball was clearly faster and more maneuverable in closed spaces). When Arcsilver found himself without his suit and facing off against Wild Heart's sister Nails, for example, Arcsilver was able to use his speed to dart in and out of range, attacking her when he could and distracting her so that nearby police could fire on her and ultimately bring her down.

As one of the Mavericks, Arcsilver found his place as one of the city's super-powered personalities. It was shortly after this that he fell in love with ADA (at that time) Robinson, who seemed to be warming to his awkward-yet-sincere charms. It was during his pursuit of the Warlord that he began to make romantic gestures to the ADA, but in an attempt to save Kid Fantastic from the Warlord and his henchmen, Arcsilver found himself facing the Warlord alone in the enclosed space of a theatrical backstage. Arcsilver fought the best that he could, but he was no match against the more powerful villain, especially in a space where he could not maneuver. Knocking him out, the Warlord then killed him, making it look as if he and another enemy had died fighting each other. Arcsilver's name was never fully cleared of this crime, although the Warlord was soon caught by the rest of the Mavericks and beaten soundly.

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