This page links to numerous records that partially document the twenty year history of the RDU.

RDU Updates

The RDU Updates were summaries of game time over the course of a number of years. Every couple of months I would write up a summary of the various games that were played in the RDU. It provides an incomplete but fun overview of the majority of RDU episodes in many different campaigns during the '90s. The first RDU Update was actually a time line of all "issues" up until I started writing actual updates.

RDU Update 0 - RDU Update 1 - RDU Update 2 - RDU Update 3 - RDU Update 4, 4.5 - RDU Update 5 - RDU Update 6 - RDU Update 7 - RDU Update 8
RDU Update 9 - RDU Update 10 - RDU Update 11 - RDU Update 12 - RDU Update 13 - RDU Update 14 - RDU Update 15 - RDU Update 16
RDU Update 17 - RDU Update 18 - RDU Update 19

The updates returned to timeline format at this point.
RDU Update 1998 - RDU Update 1999 - RDU Update 2000

A Frozen Moment

Hurricane: The Storm of History

A capture of the PBeM adventure of the character of Hurricane, between Neil and Geoff. An attempt to translate the game posts into a more readable "book".
Hurricane Story - Unedited Email archive

The Invasion War: The End of Man
Timeline and records of the Metagame history of the RDU, game years 2007-2017
Invasion War Timeline

Mavericks - Write Ups

The following links are to PBeM "actual play" write-ups, edited from e-mail.
Issue #45 - Unstoppable

The New Pioneers - Earth on the Brink

Pulse: The Glory Day - Write Ups

The following links are to PBeM "actual play" write-ups, edited from e-mail.
Issue #2 - One Year Later

UNITE: Team Cyprus - WriteUps

Team Cyprus History
Episode 1 - Episode 2 - Episode 3 - Episode 4 - Episode 5 - Episode 6 - Episode 7 - Episode 8 - Episode 9 - Episode 10 - Episode 11 - Episode 12

Issue Listings:

Every gaming session for the RDU was recorded in brief as an "issue" of a particular comic book. These listings do not have plot summaries, but have titles, issue numbers, characters the appeared, etc.

The Arcane - Shortlived series about mystical heroes in Britain that would tie into the return of magic and the creation of the Kingdoms.

Big Guy: Agent of Viper - A mini-series of the misadventures of Big Guy after he fled the Sentinel Scouts after the death of Solitaire.

Big Guy: The 13th Sign - The tale of redemption for Big Guy as the secrets of the Zodiac are revealed and events lead directly into the Destroyer War.

Captain Hero: Lost in Time - A mini-series telling the tale of Captain Hero when he ventured to the past and future and revealed his ultimate fate.

Champions Presents - The catch-all series where single adventures and sessions that didn't have a regular series were catalogued.

Coil: Serious Business - A mini-series where the snake-mutate Sentinel of Justice discovered his true origins and began his war against King Cobra.

Crossroads - A mini-series about four doomed adventurers that first established the existence of a multi-verse of alternate universes.

Dark Champions - A maxi-series about the battles for the gritty streets of Detroit in the RDU.

Dirty Tricks: The American Way - A mini-series spinning out of the Vanguard about the beginning of the fight against the PRA and introduced Nighttown.

Eurohunt - A mini-series crossover about the defeat of the original Eurostar that propelled Vector into the world spotlight and began the creation of UNITE.

Indigo - A short-lived ongoing series about the solo adventures of the Sentinel of Justice called Indigo.

Intercept: The Long Road - A mini-series introducing the man who would become a Maverick after taking on the mantle of Crusader!

The Jamm - Stories of Buffalo's sort-of superteam, this mix of heroes would showcase the beginnings of such greats as Dragon Mist and Starhawk.

The Janissaries - Mini-series of the adventures of super-agents fighting and dying in the shadow of superheroes and villains. Introduced Phantom Hawk.

The Janissaries II: The Mechanic, Rights To A Name - Solo mini-series of the sniper agent fighting against Raven in Tijuana.

The Janissaries Special: The Destroyer War - One shot tie-in to the Destroyer War.

Kingdoms - The seminal adventures of three Americans destined to become the incarnations of Celtic legend and shape the ultimate fate of the world.

The Malta Professionals - Ongoing series about the struggles of a metahuman mercenary group to make ends meet by killing a lot of people.

The Mavericks - The long running series about New York's premier super team through all its incarnations.

Phantom Hawk - Solo adventures of the vigilante that tied in with the Vengeance: Mob War storyline.

Project Sanction: The Final Solution - Mini-series about an UNTIL black-ops team inserted in Serbia to battle terrorists during the '90s civil war.

Project Sanction II: Raven Evermore - A series about covert operatives run by UNTIL that would eventually become the Malta Professionals.

Pulse: A Hero's Story - The very first RDU adventures ushering in the campaign with the first modern hero, Pulse... avatar of the gods.

Pulse II: War of God's On Earth - The story of the Greek god's returning to earth and creating their avatars that would become the Pantheon and the Pact.

Pulse & The Pantheon - The international adventures of Pulse and the other avatars that would lead into the events of Eurohunt.

Pulse: The Glory Days - Taking place years later, these final battles of Pulse against his original foes introduced his son and lead to his retirement.

The Sentinel Scouts - A short series about new heroes trying to make their mark, it featured the introduction of Vector, Tachyon and the original MIRV.

The Sentinels of Justice - The chronicles of the first superteam of the modern era the Sentinels became America's team after the loss of the Champions.

Shadow Knight - A mini-series of the orginal solo adventures of own of the founders of the Sentinels of Justice.

Shadow Knight II: The European Tour - Later solo stories of Shadow Knight exploring his origins and featuring the bridging of the Dwarven Universe.

The Special Bureau - Mini-series about metahuman agents working for a special branch of the FBI. Introduced Gearhead.

Stone: The Reluctant Hero - Mini-series about a regular guy who just happens to have super powers and his fight to clean up the streets of Seattle.

Tales of the Masters - Ongoing series about the adventures of the master martial artists of the RDU, eventually capturing the stories of The Dragons.

The Trouble-Shooters - Stories of a gathering of independent international super heroes, the remnants of this team would eventually form the Vanguard.

UNITE - Long running series of the hero team associated with UNTIL, including key episodes of the Destoyer War and the Team Cypress chronicles.

The Vanguard - The ultimate super team of the transformed world after the Destroyer War, the Vanguard would lead humanity to a new age.

Vector - Off and on series highlighting the solo adventures of the most prominant super hero of the modern age, with tie-ins to almost every major series.

Vengeance - The longest running series about the greatest swordsman of two worlds as he becomes one of the last immortal warriors of the Blood.