CAPT. HERO #1 Hero: Somewhen In Time (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Capt. Hero
Villains: Nazis, Baron Von Schull (intro)
Extras: Crimestopper (intro)

CAPT. HERO #2 Jester: Destiny Of One (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Capt. Hero
Villains: TimeMaster (intro), Malachite (intro), The Vect-Rs (intro)
Extras: Bill 'n' Tedd (humorous intro), The Masque (intro), Future VIPER (intro)

CAPT. HERO #3 Wanderer: Reunion In Blood (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Capt. Hero, Vector
Villains: Malachite, Draconis, The Vect-Rs, Master Control's Black Guards, FUTURE Guard (intro)
Extras: Night Strike (intro), Mr. Blanchard (death), Master Vector (intro), Sgt. Masterson, Wild Heart

CAPT. HERO #4 Knight: The Future Laid Out Before Me
(Neil Carver)
Heroes: Capt. Hero, Centurion
Villains: Time Master, Master Control, Silver Guards
Extras: Mr. Feather, The Masque

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