Real Name: Unknown
Affiliation: The Vanguard, The Mars Project, The Crossroads Project
Status: Deceased

History: The man only known as Centurion, claimed to be a soldier from Earth's future, sent back in time to stop a terrorist event that resulted in a World War that lasted for decades. With the advanced technology of his battlesuit, he succeeded in his mission, and found himself in a world where his future didn't exist, and his temporal recall no longer functioned. Initially, the man simply put down his armor and tried to live a normal life, one impossible in the time and world he came from. This new world still had significant conflict of its own, and when Thermal lead the Vanguard and Sanctuary forces into the China War, he returned to active duty.

After the defeat of DragonNet and the devastation of China, Centurion stayed active on Sanctuary as part of their primary defensive force, and saw active duty in the Island Nation Association as the guard leader when members required a military defense. When the Vanguard was summoned to China at the beginning of the invasion, he fought beside them at the Assault on the Arch. His maneuver allowed the Vanguard to pierce the shields of the attacking Azurite battle cruiser, in an attempt to stop its attack on the Arch and the Crystech Colossus.

Unfortunately, when the ship was destroyed, Centurion was caught in its warp implosion and was annihilated, as was Tachyon, a Locke Aspect and the Azure crew. These deaths are officially considered the first casualties of the open aggressions of the Invasion War that would last nearly a decade, and change Earth forever.