CHAMPIONS PRES. #1 Small Town Black & Blues (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Thunder Jock (intro), Ozone (intro), Divine Right (intro)
Villains: Metalstone (intro), Green Dragon (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #2 Sudden Death Overtime (Tedd Roos)
Heroes: Coil (intro), Gadget (intro)
Villains: Warlord (intro), Lash (intro), Stalemate

CHAMPIONS PRES. #3 Machine Dreams (Tedd Roos)
Heroes: Coil, Gadget
Villains: MANTIS (intro), PSILON (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #4 Deus Ex Mechanon (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Coil, Thunder Jock
Villains: Ripper (intro), Leach (intro), Thunder & Lightning (intro), VIPER (intro), Mechanon (intro)
(leads into the formation of THE SENTINELS OF JUSTICE)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #5 Flux-uations (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Flux (intro)
Villains: Shamrock (intro), Warbot (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #6 Guard Duty (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Sentry (intro)
Villains: Twister (intro), Electro-Assassin (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #7 Old Gods (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Ra, God Of The Sun (intro)
Villains: Terror Inc. (intro all), Prof. Muerte, Feur, Scorpia, Giganto

CHAMPIONS PRES. #8 Valhalla Beckons (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Chang Lee, Sipristi (intro)
Villains: The Yooso (intro all), Tetsu Ronin, Oni No Miza, Hi, Tsuchi, Dami No Hayashi
Phillip Liang (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #9 The Grove Is In the Heart (Paul Burke)
Heroes: Daemon Knight (intro)
Extras: Diane Arden (intro), The Green Law cult (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #10 Hero Unleashed (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Tachyon (intro)
Villains: VIPER
Extras: The Asahi (intro all), Kage, Stryder Ryu, Rygar, Butterfly, Shinobi, The Jade Org. (intro),
The Willow Reed (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #11 A Turn Of Luck (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Tachyon
Villains: drug runners, Shamrock
Extras: Lady Blue, Crusader, Justice (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #12 Rumble Royale (Paul Burke)
Heroes: Tachyon, Justice
Villains: Black Claw, The Red Claws gang (intro),Ripper, Icicle
Extras: Onyx

CHAMPIONS PRES. #13 The Ancient Flame (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Cyndar (intro)
Villains: Auto-Gunner (intro), Ace, DC, & THX Helicopter (intro all)
Extras: Krystal Blue, Protectors Inc.

CHAMPIONS PRES. #14 Close Encounters (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Cyndar, Watcher (intro)
Villains: The Eliminators (intro), The Infinite Man (intro)
Extras: Orrad (intro), METE (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #15 Onyx Alone (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Onyx
Villains: Road Kill (intro all): Heavy Metal, Ted, Boomer
Extras: Michele (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #16 To Serve & Protect I (Neil Carver)
To Find The Protectors
Heroes: Cyndar, Twilight (intro), Wil Story (intro)
Villains: Coatlique, Quasar, Ace, Silverfist

CHAMPIONS PRES. #17 To Serve & Protect II (Neil Carver)
The Plan Unfolding
Heroes: Cyndar, Twilight, Wil Story, Coil
Villains: Huntsman, Ace, agents

CHAMPIONS PRES. #18 Breaking The Cage (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Onyx
Villains: VIPER, Pulsar, Ogre, Powerhouse, Mindlock
Extras: Rainbow Archer, Lady Blue, Bluejay, Indigo,
Insp. Phillips (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #19 The War Heats Up (Paul Burke)
Heroes: Justice, Tempest II (intro), Mongoose
Villains: Red Claw gang, Blood, Ripper, Icicle
Extras: Skate Kate (intro); Merry Andrew (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #20 Land Of The Rising Sun (Storn Cook)
Heroes: Cyber Blade (intro)
Villains: Dreyogg S3 (intro), Gimlash S7 (intro, death)
Extras: Karamanga Ryu (intro, death), Terri Yusaga/Vexus (intro), Ronin (intro), Yoshida Tahashi (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #21 Cloud On The Horizon (Storn Cook)
Heroes: Cyber Blade, Shi Ghost (intro)
Villains: Dark Clouds Mercs. (intro), Argula S21, Dreyoggs S6 & S13 (intro,deaths), DragonNET agents (intro)
Extras: Terry Yusaga/Vexus, Ronin, Yoshida Tahashi, Lt. McMurphy & SEAL teams 4 & 6 (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #22 Caught In The DragonNET
(Storn Cook)
Heroes: Cyber Blade, Stormcane (intro)
Villains: DragonNET (intro), Gunmetal Silk, DooWop tong members
Extras: Bernard Musaka (intro), Quin Shi the Immense One (intro), Ronin, Tai Ho (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #23 Isle Of Mystery, Isle of Death
(Storn Cook)
Heroes: Storm Cane, Cyber Blade
Villains: DragonNET (death), Doowop gang, Liya Ying (intro), Talon Ninjas (intro)
Extras: Gunmetal Silk, Bernard Musaka, Master Cho (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #24 A Master's Battle & Masterful Secrets
(Storn Cook/Double Sized Issue)
Heroes: Storm Cane, Cyber Blade
Villains: Talon Ninjas (deaths), Doowops, Dreyogg S93 (intro), Darkhawk Black Ops Team 2 (intro all) McBride, Chen, Fredriks, Amaro, Pleece, Mehta, Durst, Czerbyla
Extras: Master Cho, Sue Chee (intro), People's General So (intro), Ronin, Gunmetal Silk, Bernard Musaka

CHAMPIONS PRES. #25 The Truth Among The Lies
(Storn Cook)
Heroes: Cyber Blade, Storm Cane
Villains: Darkhawks Team 2, McBride, Chen, Fredriks, Amaro, Pleece (death), Mehta (death), Durst (crippled), Czerbyla (death)
Extras: Ronin, Terry Yusaga, Quin Shi, Biha the Scrounge (intro), Dmitri Jouste (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #26 Friends & Enemies (Storn Cook)
Heroes: Storm Cane, Cyber Blade
Villains: General Feng So, Black Clouds, Dreyoggs S43, S62, S65, S100 (deaths)
Extras: Ronin, Sue Chee, Biha, Dmitri Jouste, Commander Taggart McBride, Terry Yasuga, DH Chen, DH Fredriks, DH Amaro (death), Quin Shi

CHAMPIONS PRES. #27 West Coast War Zone (Tedd Roos)
Heroes: Silver Scarab (intro), Demolition Man (intro), Cygnet (intro)
Villains: (Intro all) Red Menace, Overload, Torch, Dynamo, Black Guard
Extras: Project Liberty

CHAMPIONS PRES. #28 Tag Team VIPER Style (Tedd Roos)
Heroes: Demolition Man, Silver Scarab
Villains: VIPER agents, VIPER Nest Leader, Tank (intro): G-Force (intro), Hammerlock (intro)
Extras: Code Blue

CHAMPIONS PRES. #29 A Tradition Of Death (Storn Cook)
Heroes: Storm Cane, Stalker
Villains: Red Banner Fire Blades (intro)
Extras: Yosha (intro), Master Yamagawa (intro, death)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #30 The Ghost Sword Of Yengtao
(Storn Cook)
Heroes: Shih Ghost; Storm Cane
Villains: Dragonnette (Liya Ying); Scale Agents
Extras: Tetsubo (intro); Grey Spirit (intro); Gate (intro)
Tai Fung (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #31 The Past's Dark Shadows (Storn Cook)
Heroes: Shih Ghost, Stalker
Villains: Professor Wu/Dragon Mandarin (intro)
Extras: Stormcane

CHAMPIONS PRES. #32 The New World Order (Tedd Roos)
Heroes: Fire Ant (intro), Gorilla (intro)
Villains: Power Star (intro)
Extras: Southern Cross (intro), The Power Force (intro all)
Cape Doctor, Sjaambok, Caspar, Black Eagle, Dust Devil, UNTIL Agents, Ebon & Ivory (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #33 Moroccan Nights (Tedd Roos)
Heroes: Fire Ant
Villains: The Right Hand (intro all) Amira, Aajej, Ephrit, Scimitar

CHAMPIONS PRES. #34 Snake Nation! (Tedd Roos)
Heroes: Gorilla, Fire Ant
Villains: Malachite, Talisman (intro), Kifaru (intro), Black Vulture (intro), Moshibaya (intro)
Extras: The Snake Nation (intro all), Death Adder, Sidewinder, Rattler, Copperhead, Blackfang, Anaconda, Ebon & Ivory, Southern Cross

CHAMPIONS PRES. #35 VIPER's Revenge! (Tedd Roos)
Heroes: Silver Scarab, Demolition Man
Villains: Citadel (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #36 The Business Of Crime (Tedd Roos)
Heroes: Demolition Man, Cygnet, Silver Scarab
Villains: Stalemate, Iron Fire (intro), Whirlwind (intro), Brainwave (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #37 Going South (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Sliver (intro)
Villains: Raven agents & Spadaria, Kam Devruski (intro)
Extras: Dunkirk (intro), CIA Juarez & Erdman (intro,death), Deirdre Maiera (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #38 The HEAT Is On! (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Sliver
Villains: Heat (intro), Raven agents, Romero & thugs (intro)
Extras: Dunkirk, Deirdre Maiera

CHAMPIONS PRES. #39 Spirits Shadows Demons (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Grey Spirit
Villains: Phillip Liang, Bey (intro), Chang & Xilang (intro), The Gray Shadow Gang (intro)
Extras: Dragon Master, Cho Wa (intro), Ahn Po Chin (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #40 Walking On The Other Side (Tedd Roos)
Heroes: Silver Scarab, Little John, Thunder Jock
Villains: Demolition Man, Lady Bug, Thunderbolt (intro), Stalemate

CHAMPIONS PRES. #41 Mecha vs. Magic (Storn Cook)
Heroes: Brimlocke (intro)
Villains: Silver Guard, Vanguard Mk1 (intro)
Extras: The Vendor (intro), Byte (intro), Vector, The World Mage

CHAMPIONS PRES. #42 Istandbul Not Constantinople (Storn Cook)
Heroes: Brimlocke, Shifter (intro)
Villains: Aeolus (intro), Helios (intro)
Extras: Vector, Argos (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #43 Never Ending Battle (Storn Cook)
Heroes: Brimlocke, Shifter, Cyber Blade
Villains: Vanguard Mk1, Dreyoggs S08, S10, S104, Gimlash V88, V93
Extras: Vector, Commander, Argos, Dr. Bon Su Han (intro), Dreyoggs S14, S99

The Destroyer War: Endgame (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Thunder Jock, Coil, Vector, Starhawke, Toreador, Thermal, Locke, Big Guy, Tachyon
Villains: Dr. Destroyer (death), Firewing (death), Electro-Assassin, Metalstone II, Mechanon drones 1-8 (destroyed)
Extras: Sentry, Steve Bukowski, COIL Alpha Rodriguez (death), Dr. Goldwing, Elise Gordon, Paul Esterhaus, Fleur De Lis & UNITE, UNTIL agents, Victrix, Portal, Nathan Myers, various PC cameos

The Redemption Of Big Guy (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Big Guy, Tachyon
Villains: VIPER agents, Viperia (intro)
Extras: VA Jacobs, Victrix, Killinger, Denver PRIMUS Iron Guard, Golden Avenger, Janet Reno, Sen. Alphons Damato

CHAMPIONS PRES. #44 Tachyon Unleashed (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Tachyon
Villains: Citadel
Extras: Victrix, Lt. Boaz (intro), M.E.T.E., John St. Claire
(lead in to Vanguard #5)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #45 The VIPER Wars: II (Neil Carver)
Interdimensional Double Sized
Heroes: Vengeance, Indigo, Locke, Striker
Villains: VIPER agents, Sheath, Bloodletter (intro), The Affrighter, Azor (intro), the Insecta army (intro)
Extras: Shade, Jill Barrows (intro), Phantom Hawk, Sabre, Shadow Hand, Paul Esterhouse, Det. “Monk’ Benno, Solo, Portal, Shadow Knight, Matthew Armbruster
(cont’d from Vengeance #22, lead in to Vengeance #23 & UNITE #17)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #46 The Next Step (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Gearhead, Locke, Jubei(intro)
Extras: Taurus, Virgo, The Engineer, Lightrune, Leo, Aria

CHAMPIONS PRES. #47 The Mandate Of A New World (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Gearhead, Locke, Jubei
Extras: Aria, Sagitarius, Butterfly, Uranta, Howler (II), Adamantine, The Engineer, Tuatha, Ampato, Maxim (intro), Maya, Nunzio, Charcoal, Metalla

CHAMPIONS PRES. #48 The Use Of Weapons (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Gearhead, Locke, Jubei
Villains: The Aquarians, sea monster, Pisces, Mind Slayer, Scatterbrain, Esper, Floater (intro)
Extras: Maxim, Cussler, Sea Guard, Princess Tak’narina

CHAMPIONS PRES. #49 Absolution (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Locke, Gearhead
Villains: The Unleashed (intro)
Extras: Jubei, Taurus, Virgo, Aria, Maxim, Cussler, Sea Guard, Princess Tak’narina, Chime, Bravo, Felix-9

CHAMPIONS PRES. #50 The Key (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Locke, Gearhead, Darkfire
Villains: The Unleashed, The Key (intro)
Extras: Chime, Bravo, Felix-9, Peacekeeper, Pooka, Strikeforce, Casey Jones (intro), Charcoal, Taurus, Virgo, The Deacon

CHAMPIONS PRES. #51 The Brazillian Connection (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Locke, Gearhead, Darkfire, Jubei
Villains: Scorpia, The Scorpion Corps (intro), Terror Inc. agents
Extras: The Key (Carlotta Furaldo), Chime, Bravo, Felix-9, villagers, Lin Hu, Violet Impact (death), Quilly, Atu

CHAMPIONS PRES. #52 Surrender To The Dark (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Locke, Gearhead, Darkfire, Jubei
Villains: Scorpia (death), Gibbering Mouther (intro)
Extras: Chime, Felix-9, Lin Hu, Taurus, Virgo, Aria, Pooka, Peacekeeper, Bravo, Charcoal, The Key, Atu

CHAMPIONS PRES. #53 The Meeting (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Locke, Gearhead, Jubei, Vector
Extras: Taurus, Randal McFadden, Virgo, Hyperion, Big John, Chime, Bravo, Utility, Cussler, Maxim, Panda, Racoon, (guest shot of every Sanctuary Member)
(Continued in Vanguard #16)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #54 Collision Course (Neil Carver)
The VIPER Wars (tie-in)
Heroes: Vengeance, Cowboy, Chango
Villains: VIPER thugs, VIPER Blackguard Ivrel, Speedsuit agents
Extras: Portal

The Power Of A Soul (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Vengeance, Geist (intro), Demon Star, Succubus/Lily
Villains: Mech-man (intro), Ivrel, Thanes Morbanes, CT Corp agents (intro)
Extras: Quantum Ghost, Sally Wing, Ultraman, Maxim, Paul Esterhaus

CHAMPIONS PRES. #55 You’re Not From Around Here, Are You?
(Neil Carver)
Heroes: Succubus, Cowboy, World Walker (intro), Black Bow (as PC)
Extras: Janice Wolnik, Brad Wayans (intro), Johnny Fireyes (intro), Metallica, Dr. Forge (intro), Marie Dumont, Dr. Roundtree (intro)

CHAMPIONS PRES. #56 Everything Goes Wrong (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Succubus, Cowboy, Black Bow, Centurion, Vengeance
Villains: Mover & Shaker (intro), Ivrel, Slythern
Extras: Marie Dumont (death), Oraad

CHAMPIONS PRES. #57 Blood Is Thicker... (Neil Carver)
Heroes: Cowboy, Black Bow, Centurion, Vengeance
Villains: Ivrel, The Shiftslayers (intro)
Extras: Oraad

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