It is about power and responsibility.
It is about heroism and evil and all the gray areas in between.
It is about the question, "If you had the power... how would you change the world?"

The Red Dragon Universe (RDU) is a long standing role-playing meta-campaign that has existed since 1987. Dozens of different players have brought to life hundreds of different characters in this world that is inspired by classic comic books, but strives to take those concepts to a higher level. This campaign challenges the tropes of superheroes saving the status-quo, and instead tries to examine how the world would be vastly changed by the existence of super-beings, while still maintaining the slam/bang action adventure elements that make for fun adventures. In the RDU, change is constant. Characters grow and change with the world... living and dying with the repercussions of being a superhuman in a very dangerous universe.
This wiki is an attempt to document the RDU universe; its characters and campaigns... the stories and games that made up the last 30 years. Come in, browse, and get a glimpse of a universe of drama, pathos... and kick butt action! Enjoy!

The primary landing pages with links and documentation are as follows:
Campaigns & History - This page contains links the the various Issue Listings, RDU Updates and other write-ups of actual gaming adventures.
Team Listing - This page lists content by group or "team" as most game play centered on "super teams" of various sorts. Key NPC and Villain teams are included.
Rogue's Gallery - This page is a listing and series of links by RDU character, but player characters and NPCs
One Shots and other Experiments - This page contains links to campaign information tangential to the RDU.

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